About Tehran.Digital


We Are a Dynamic Team of
Professionals in Digital Marketing

We have been in the Digital industry since 2003, we started in Scotland, Edinburgh as a small digital hosting and development company which soon grew into a full fledged marketing agency, which was later relocated to London. In late 2016 with the signing of the JCPOA between Iran and the world powers, we decided it was time to expand our presence into Iran and started to research and better understand the Iranian market and how it would meet the requirements of western brands. It was quickly apparent that tracking, data, intellectual property, security and basic white-hat digital strategies are generally not adhered within the country and honest costings, reporting and communication between agencies and clients are dismal at best.


There was a real need for a western style digital marketing agency, with presence in London for ease of meetings and communications as well as accountability within Iran.


We generally only work with large companies and marketing agencies who wish to have a presence inside Iran but require a trust worthy partner, but sometimes make exceptions for startups who believe their services will benefit the Iranian people.

We also have an array of ongoing digital startup projects which we invest inside of Iran.