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Unlike Most of Europe and North America, mobile web browsing penetration is vast inside Iran where the percentage is more equal in other countries with the desktop counterpart, in Iran mobile much outweighs those stats and you’re generally left with something like a 75 – 25 split between mobile and desktop devices. Further, while in the west Facebook is the go to platform for social engagement, Iran has a much higher penetration with Instagram, with something like 97-3 percent split between Instagram / Facebook active user base. Understanding your audience, how to best target, capture their attention is key to having optimal digital marketing strategies inside Iran.


The Right Channel and
Messaging Can Make or Break
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There are many different channels of marketing within Iran, and all kinds of policy and legal hurdles to jump with each channel. Unlike much of the west where SMS marketing has become null existent and chat marketing is not really heard of, these are actually the two most effective avenues brands use within Iran to market their products and services.

Promotion within Telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, SMS marketing targeting specific areas, post codes, demographics, specific mobile numbers and interests.

The second tier of marketing channels are Instagram sponsorships, stories, which often get shared hundreds if not thousands of times and the right content can often become viral very quickly.

Third tier which is the European & North American preference often is display marketing and RTB channels, Iran has it’s own internal platforms to buy display ads and platforms for RTB and ad serving, as much of the world has sanctioned the country from the use of their technology and platform. It has left Iran with a huge internal inventory at incredibly cheap prices, however there is also a serious click fraud problem often accounting for nearly 35% of all display clicks.

Finally fourth tier advertising which is Email, a very rarely used channel within Iran which has surprisingly high engagement rates and PPC, which can be difficult to target Iran via Google Ads but at the same time incredibly cheap and value for money.


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